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Minesweeper for Smartwatch2

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Lets enjoy the Minesweeper (Mines) !!!This is the classic Minesweeper game to the SmartWatch2 !
This game is only for Smart Watch 2 (SW2).
- 3 kinds of game modes! Beginner(9x9) / Intermediate(16x16) / Veteran (20x20)
- Keep high scores
RulesIf you uncover all cells exclude mines, you will win. If you uncorver the mine, game is over.
How to operate
Control the cursor- Swipe (flick) to move cursor to the left,right,up and down.
To uncover cells-Press the menu(option) key on the right-bottom of SmartWatch2 to uncover.
Plant a flag- Press Flag icon on the right-bottom of the screen to plant a flag.
Show options menu- Long-press on the screen to show options menu.
*Smartphone and SmartWatch 2 must be paired before you use it.
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Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2